Protein nutraceuticals are a dime a dozen in the health and fitness industry. Don’t trust the health and end results of your clients to just any supplement manufacturing company. Emerge specializes in producing a consistent and nutritionally superior protein supplement that tastes great. Our design team rounds out your perfect product with beautiful and professional packaging.

Bodybuilders and sports enthusiasts know the difference a nutritionally superior product can make. Our experts have been formulating elite protein powder supplements in the industry for decades and understand flavor combinations and interactions. Emerge has dedicated considerable time and money to securing state of the art nutritional manufacturing equipment. This means our products are exceptional in both flavor and consistency.


Emerge stocks a wide variety of world-class whey protein flavors and formulas. If you can’t find exactly what you’re searching for, we would be happy to manufacture a custom formula to your exact flavor and ingredient specifications.

Our whey protein isolate is easily absorbed and processed for ultimate nutritional value. With no carbs or fat, end results are easily achieved with our whey proteins. Our signature whey formula also contain papain, which is known for muscle repair and recovery after particularly intense workouts.


Casein is high in nutritional value as it is composed of essential amino acids, carbohydrates, calcium and phosphorus. Casein provides the amino acids your body searches for during particularly intense workouts. Normally, our body will break down existing muscle tissue to extract the needed amino acids. Casein supplements will provide the essential amino acids your body needs without the breakdown of your hard earned muscle tissue.


Soy beans are high in protein, lecithin and amino acids. Soy protein supplementation provides a variety of minerals and vitamins which boost energy levels and immunity, which is essential for muscle building. Soy proteins also provide essential proteins and nutrients, normally derived from animal products, to vegetarians and vegans.

Why Choose Emerge Protein

Emerge protein manufacturing team will guide you through the process of designing and producing your custom protein supplement. Collaborating closely with your company, we will personalize the face and packaging of your product. Our premium ingredients will give your customized product a competitive market advantage. Call today at (888) 352-1683 to get a product quote within 36 hours.

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