It should be no secret that when manufacturing a powder supplement, great taste and exceptional quality are the two distinguishing factors. Emerge specializes in producing weight-loss, bodybuilding and meal replacement powder supplements that are unrivaled in quality and taste.

Our veteran flavor team understand nutraceutical supplements and the added flavor combinations that will improve the overall image of your powder product. We will tailor your powder supplement to your exact specifications and company goals.

Premium Freshness

Because of the high volume of powders produced at the Emerge facility, ingredients are constantly being replenished. This means our products are made with the freshest premium ingredients possible. We produce our powder supplements in an air and moisture controlled environment, securing the integrity of our ingredients. Emerge’s quality control measures ensure consistency in flavor and freshness.

Professional Packaging

Whether your powder supplement will be marketed in bottles, single dose packs or gusset bags, our design team will ensure the packaging beautifully reflects your company image. We believe in sending out pharmaceutical grade, professional products that are ready to shelf and resale.

Manufacturing Options

When it comes to customizing your powder supplement, the options are endless. Depending on the vision of your company, we can produce powders with: artificial flavoring, natural flavoring, additives or color enhancements.

Our flavor team will suggest flavor combinations that are designed to complement your designer powder supplement. We specialize in producing high-end powder supplements at affordable prices.

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The Emerge team will guide you through the process of nutraceutical manufacturing of your unique product. From choosing a capsule style to packaging your product for resale, our team is invested in your success. Click on this link or call the Emerge team at (888) 352-1683 for product quote.

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