A powder supplements flavor is directly related to its success. The consumer won’t care about your supplements health benefits if it isn’t proven to taste delicious. Historically, powder supplements had a chalky consistency and lacked flavor. Powder supplements will stay on the shelves, untouched, if the flavor isn’t up to consumer standards.

Emerge has dedicated considerable amounts of time and money into researching and perfecting our flavor combinations. We understand how ingredients combine with flavor and expertly apply that knowledge to give you a superior product. When a product tastes delicious, word spreads and orders skyrocket. The success of your company depends on having a quality, delicious tasting product. Emerge understands and we are dedicated to providing products that are superior, both in taste and nutritional benefits.

Emerge Flavor Solutions

At Emerge, we know that part of producing a great product is evaluating market successes and failures for our competitors and ourselves. We examine what flavors and combinations are popular and which need improvements. We then research and develop improvements to give our clients a competitive edge in the nutraceutical marketplace.

Our flavor experts will work with your company to design the optimal taste for your product. Whether natural or artificial, we utilize a wide variety of flavoring enhancers and modifiers in our products, depending on the vision of your company. Our taste testing experts aren’t satisfied until a supplement is perfected.

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When developing a powder or liquid supplement, the Emerge flavoring team excel at developing delicious flavors. We understand how ingredients affect the flavor of a product and recommend combinations that your clients will love. Let us help you with a designer line of products manufactured specifically for your company. Call (888) 352-1683 to get started.

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