Emerge’s softgel manufacturing service offers your company the opportunity to produce a uniquely customized supplement. Customization in size, color, shape and coating is available for our softgel production.

Our nutritional production team will work with your company to formulate the perfect product for your needs. Emerge will also help you price your product for the competitive marketplace. We are invested in the success of our clients.

Manufacturing Options

Your custom softgels can be customized for shell color, shape and size. Depending on the supplements formula, the softgels outer shell can be tinted or opaque. We also offer the option to add a custom scent to disguise harsh ingredient odors, which is suitable for Omega-3 and fish oil formulas.

Our popular enteric coating is recommended for formulas that are primarily digested in the small intestines. Emerge’s designer softgels, filled with flavored liquid supplements, are ideal for those with difficulty swallowing pills. If you don’t see exactly what you’re searching for, we can custom build a softgel to your ideal specifications. Simply call our design team at 904-606-0089.

Exceptional Quality

Emerge’s pharmaceutical grade softgels are manufactured in an FDA registered facility equipped with air temperature and quality control. Every step in the manufacturing process is strictly overseen by our in-house physicians and expert technicians to ensure our high standards of quality are upheld.

Emerge’s unparalleled drying and encapsulation procedures have been thoroughly tested and refined, giving you a product that is unmatched. Choosing Emerge for your softgel manufacturing needs will give your company a professional looking, nutritionally superior product that will ensure satisfied customers.

Professional Packaging

To add the perfect finishing touch to your softgel supplement, our design team will put together a packaging plan that will compliment your product. Whether you choose a traditional bottle, blister packs of individual capsules or single dose packaging, our elite design team is up to the task. We also offer product specific fliers and educational materials intended to educate your customers.

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Let Emerge help you with a custom supplement to compliment your company’s image. Our product team will guide you through the softgel manufacturing process from choosing a capsule size to pricing your product. Don’t trust the image and reputation of your company to just any company, Emerge is dedicated to the success of our clients. Click on this link, or simply call 904-606-0089 for more information.

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